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Dallas Bariatric Center has helped more than 8,000 patients achieve the weight loss results they have always wanted. Our highly skilled staff has performed thousands of laparoscopic procedures, and they are passionate about the long-term follow-up care of our patients.

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You're going to have questions. We provide expertise and guidance to help overcome the obstacles and challenges along your weight loss journey. To ensure you start off on the right path, we offer a free informational consultation. To get the answers you need, call now and schedule your free consultation.

Meet Dr. Jay

a foremost expert in LAP-BAND®

Dr. Jay Dr. Jay grew up in Lubbock, Texas and received his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University. After a short career as a systems engineer, he went to medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, where ... More

Dr. Jay's book

Lost and Found

Dr. Jay's bookWe wrote this book because we wanted to provide a simple, easy-to-read guide that demystifies the LAP-BAND® journey. We wanted to cover not just the technical side of the surgery, but also what happens inside your head. There's the honeymoon with the band... More

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