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SILS Procedure

SILS Procedure | Dallas TX


Single incision laparoscopic surgery, or SILS™ procedure, is a minimally invasive technique developed by Covidien. At Dallas Bariatric Center, this technique can be used to perform a sleeve gastrectomy or to insert laparoscopic band, though it can also be used for tissue removal and repair. This minimally invasive technique uses only one surgical incision in the left abdomen, one port for access, and leaves low-to-no visible scarring. It also reduces pain and healing time significantly.

During a SILS™ procedure, the small incision used is cut into the “belly button”. The overall procedure is the same as a regular laparoscopic surgery, but by making one incision and avoiding cutting through the stomach muscle, the SILS™ procedure allows for a much easier recovery experience for patients.

Generally speaking, those that qualify for laparoscopic surgery will also qualify for SILS™. These qualifiers may include less than two prior abdominal surgeries on record and a non-emergent or elective case. Good candidates are ones who are obese and are suffering health problems from their weight problems. They will have already attempted other means of weight loss prior to surgery and should otherwise be well enough to undergo weight loss surgery without imminent risk of post-surgical complications and health problems.

SILS Procedure Device

What to Expect After SILS Weight Loss Surgery

Following surgery, SILS™ PROCEDURE patients can expect some discomfort. The doctor will prescribe pain medication to be taken as needed through your first few weeks of recovery. Soreness and tenderness may occur around the site of the incision. Your stomach might also be tender as you adjust your portion sizes and start getting full faster.

Typically, patients that undergo a SILS™ PROCEDURE can return home almost immediately after surgery and will have minimal restrictions. Patients are advised to stand up and move around every 30 minutes or so to simulate circulation and prevent any clotting.

Following your surgery, you will have multiple follow ups for after-care and to monitor for any complications. By doing this, our staff can also monitor weight loss and answer any questions patients might have along their way. Patients will be following a specific diet during their healing time. It is IMPORTANT to follow this diet and the specific instructions for ingestion carefully to avoid ‘dumping’ syndrome, which occurs when food hits your small intestine too soon. Dumping syndrome can cause shakiness, diarrhea, and nausea as well as nutritional detriments. By following dietary restrictions and guidelines carefully, you can avoid unnecessary discomfort and health issues that can be caused by overeating or eating solid foods too early.

Patients will also slowly start back on their preoperative exercise routines as they heal. Most recovering patients start with a walking program as they heal. Most patients are able to return to work in five to seven days, as well, depending on the labor requirements of their jobs.

How Much Weight Can I lose with SILS Bariatric Procedures?

Expected weight loss will depend on what procedure you undergo.

Patients who receive a sleeve gastrectomy lose, on average, 60% of their excess weight in a year and 70% in two years, according to ongoing studies. A Swiss study estimated that patients kept off 57% of this weight five years after their surgery. This continued and maintained weight loss decreased the amount of obesity-related health problems and reduced the risk of stroke and heart disease in patients.

With a Lap-Band, it is possible to lose 2-3 pounds a week with optimal diet and fitness regimens. Typically, patients can knock 15 points off of their BMI (Body Mass Index) scale within 18-24 months. On average, patients lose about 40% of their excess weight with the ability to lose more depending on their lifestyle changes. Lap-Band patients experience incredible improvements to their overall health and lower many of the risks related to obesity, as well.

Dallas Bariatric Center’s Free Consultations

Deciding to go through bariatric surgery is a huge decision and choosing which surgery to undergo is just as difficult. Dallas Bariatric Center’s staff is here to help. We offer free consultations to incoming patients to help them better understand candidate requirements, procedures, risks, and rewards before making any final decisions or scheduling appointments. Call Dallas Bariatric Center for your free SILS Bariatric consultation and learn more about what receiving SILS™ PROCEDURE in Dallas, TX can do for the future of your health and happiness.

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