If You’re Looking for a Change, A Sleeve Gastrectomy May Be The Choice For You.

Also known as Gastric Sleeve Surgery, a Sleeve Gastrectomy Can Help You Where Other Weight Loss Surgeries Have Failed.

How It Works

During the surgery, a portion of the stomach is removed, changing it from a kidney bean shape to more like the shape of a banana. The portion removed is responsible for secreting the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. Afterwards, appetite and feelings of hunger are significantly reduced. The newly created stomach has a capacity to hold less than half a cup of food at a time. With a decrease in calorie intake, weight loss follows. Food passage through the stomach is also slowed, making the patient feel full longer. Patient recovery time at the hospital is usually one to three days. Sleeve Gastrectomy is a type of restrictive laparoscopic bariatric surgery normally considered for patients with a BMI of 38+ or if the patient has had a failed previous Lap-Band® surgery. Many sleeve patients experience an initial rapid weight loss and within one to two years have significantly decreased or resolved all of their co-morbid conditions.

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  • No long-term risks of erosion, slip or Infections
  • The stomach retains normal functionality
  • No need for regular fills/adjustments that banded patients require
  • Significantly faster weight loss than with the Lap-Band® System
  • A larger variety of foods can be tolerated than with other procedures
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