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What is Recovery Like with a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Dr. Jay performs sleeve gastrectomy surgery laparoscopically using a small incision and tiny instruments. This approach has a lower impact on the patient and offers a faster recovery.

In the procedure, Dr. Jay reshapes the stomach by removing the portion that is responsible for stimulating hunger. Reforming the stomach into a smaller size also helps control appetite and calorie intake. Because the procedure is physically reshaping the stomach, patients can expect to spend about one-to-three days in the hospital following surgery. This helps ensure a more predictable and even recuperation.

When You Go Home Following Sleeve Gastrectomy

After you leave the hospital, you may still have some pain in the area of your surgery. Dr. Jay will likely prescribe medication to help with this discomfort, which may last for the first week after your procedure. In addition, there will be a period of adjustment as your body learns to accommodate the new volume of food you are eating as well as the new shape of your stomach.

Returning to Work

Most patients won’t return to work until their discomfort has reduced significantly. Patients with jobs that require heavy lifting or strenuous activity may be out longer. After six weeks your incision is completely healed and can resume work without lifting restrictions.

At the same time, sleeve gastrectomy patients should participate in some physical exercise. Walking is especially important after surgery, as it allows the body to stretch properly and to get used to moving around again. Dr. Jay may offer instructions about how to ease into these activities so that patients can have the best results possible.

Caring for the Surgical Site

Dr. Jay will provide guidance about how to take care of the surgical site as you recover. It’s important to maintain a clean dressing, to follow his about keeping the site bandaged, and to avoid irritating the surrounding skin. Properly caring for the incision site will help make for a more comfortable recovery and less noticeable scar.

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