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What is Recovery Like After a LAP-BAND ® Procedure?

Before and after your surgery, Dr. Jay and his team will advise you about your recovery, how you should care for yourself, and the timeline for healing. Here are some ideas about what to expect.

Following LAP-BAND Surgery

Dr. Jay performs the LAP-BAND procedure using laparoscopy. This approach is minimally invasive: only a small incision is required for Dr. Jay to access the site and put the band in place. In addition, LAP-BAND doesn’t require incising the stomach or other organs. As a result, you can expect to go home sooner after surgery and heal faster than with other bariatric procedures like sleeve gastrectomy.

Right after your procedure, you may have some pain and soreness, which can last for several days. Dr. Jay will prescribe pain medicine to alleviate these symptoms. He and his team will also have a series of check-up visits with you to ensure that you are progressing in your recovery.

Getting Back to Work and Normal Activities

In general, most patients return to work in a couple days after their LAP-BAND procedure. If your surgery is on Friday you can return to work on Monday with lifting restrictions for six weeks. If you have a job that requires heavy lifting or physical exertion, you may need longer.

During the first few days following your procedure, it’s a good idea to have some help at home while you recover as you may not be up for even small household chores. You should also not drive until you have recovered, are less painful, and not under the influence of medication.

However, Dr. Jay requires you walking right after surgery this helps with the stiffness and allow you to recover more comfortably and quickly. Dr. Jay can advise you about adding other elements of exercise into your lifestyle. A slow ramp-up into activity will ensure that your recovery continues without a problem. Pending Dr. Jay’s approval, you can begin participating in your normal activities within three weeks with lifting restrictions for 6 weeks total.

Healing from LAP-BAND

Caring for the incision site is key. Dr. Jay will provide you with more detailed instructions, but in general, you will want to keep the site clean and irritation-free; it may itch in part because of healing and in part because of the medical tape, but avoid scratching the area. Depending on Dr. Jay’s instructions, it’s probably okay to shower as long as you carefully dry the incision afterwards.

By the time you are participating in normal activities, you should already have experienced significant weight loss and should feel stronger. Since you may still have some tenderness in the area of your surgery, it’s important that you continue follow-up visits with Dallas Bariatric Center so that you can address any concerns you may have.

For more details about life after LAP-BAND, email or call Dallas Bariatric Center at 972-331-1111 for an appointment.

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