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What Are Some Weight Loss Surgery Options in Texas?

Dr. Jay offers a variety of weight loss surgery options for Texas patients. In your consultations with Dallas Bariatric Center, he will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and discuss the goals that you would like to achieve. Based on this information and further testing, Dr. Jay recommend which of the following procedures he believes is best for your needs.

LAP-BAND® Weight Loss Surgery in Texas

LAP-BAND is short for the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band System. Patients with a body mass index of 35 and greater may be good candidates for the procedure.

In a LAP-BAND weight loss surgery, Dr. Jay inserts a small ring around your stomach to create two smaller stomachs. By controlling the digestive process, you will feel fuller sooner and for longer. LAP-BAND is reversible, low-impact (performed using small laparoscopic incisions), and gradual, which allows your body to adjust over time.

Gastric Sleeve

With gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, Texas patients lose weight because the size of their stomach is permanently reduced. Dr. Jay reshapes the stomach during the procedure, removing a portion that secretes the hormone that stimulates hunger.

As with LAP-BAND, Dr. Jay performs gastric sleeve surgery using laparoscopy. Your stomach should continue to function normally but more efficiently in its smaller size, and unlike with LAP-BAND, you won’t require regular adjustments as you lose weight. However, the procedure is not reversible and may mean a significant change in your diet.

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