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Weightloss Patient Spotlight: Shannon

“ Dr. Jay is a great choice because he knows what he is doing.” – Shannon

Shannon_lapband_165lbslostShannon had been overweight since she was 5 years old. “I had tried several different weight loss programs all throughout my adolescence and early adulthood,” she says. “I was successful several times, but always gained the weight back, plus some.”

Turning Point

In Spring 2011, Shannon came to the realization that she needed professional help. After having a serious conversation with her sister, she couldn’t help but take their chat to heart. “She said some very true – though hard to hear at the time – things about my weight and my health, and shared her concerns for me if I continued living life as a 300+ pound person,” says Shannon, whose sister was in physician’s assistant school at the time. “She had helped with several LAP-BAND procedures during her surgery rotation and really encouraged me to look into the procedure. But I didn’t think surgery was an option for me because I wanted to lose the weight ‘on my own.’”

Shannon gave herself until the end of the year as the deadline to make some serious changes or she would seek some help. “When I had lost no weight by the beginning of 2012,” says Shannon. “I decided the time had come to pursue some other options. I knew that I needed help and decided that surgery would be a resource that I could use to help me accomplish the goals I had for myself.”

Choosing Dr. Jay

Shannon decided to meet with Dr. Jay, after receiving a referral to him from a trustworthy source. “A family friend is a doctor in another state. When I asked if he knew anyone in Dallas, he recommended Dr. Jay. I have the utmost trust and respect for this friend and knew his recommendation would be a good one.” Almost immediately upon meeting Dr. Jay, Shannon realized that he wasn’t a good bariatric surgeon – he was a great one: “After my first consultation, I was so impressed by Dr. Jay’s warmth and willingness to spend time answering my questions. I felt important and never felt rushed or like he was too busy to talk to me. That was important, especially in those beginning stages, when I was uncertain and scared about this huge decision.”

A Life-Changing Experience

“Bariatric surgery changed my life,” says Shannon, who underwent the LAP-BAND procedure in 2012 with a pre-operative weight of 316.5 pounds. The LAP-BAND (“Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band”), which is designed to restrict the stomach and control the process of digestion, can be customized to meet the patient’s individual weight loss needs. Shannon knew that she had a significant amount of weight to lose, and this bariatric procedure was right for her.

Now, living healthier and happier since undergoing the LAP-BAND, Shannon has lost more than 150 pounds since surgery. Currently, at 158 pounds, Shannon is proud she turned to Dallas Bariatric Center for help.

“Dr. Jay is a great choice because he knows what he is doing, works in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, and his office staff is incredible,” says Shannon. “I love going to my appointments and getting to talk to the nurses and staff who have been walking alongside me in the journey. They are kind, fun, and knowledgeable. They have celebrated with me as I have accomplished milestones and are always the first to extend help, support, and encouragement when needed. I have truly developed friendships with them over the course of my two years there. I am so thankful for them all.”

What would Shannon have to say to someone who is seeking professional assistance? “If you struggle with obesity, please consider pursuing surgery as an option. Know that it will not do the work for you, but it is a helpful resource that can set you on the right path toward better health.”

Feel free to call Dallas Bariatric Center if you would like to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Jay: (972) 331-1111.

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