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Patient Spotlight: Yolanda Lopez

Bariatic Surgery Testimonials | Dallas, TX

Bariatric Surgery TestimonialsFor Yolanda Lopez, it wasn’t just about losing weight. She originally turned to Dr. Jay for the LAP-BAND (“laparoscopic bariatric surgery”) in 2005 based on her and her husband’s desire to have more children.

“We were already blessed with two boys who were three years apart,” says Yolanda. “We wanted to try for a girl.” But as the years passed by and she showed no signs of pregnancy, Yolanda and her husband recognized that it was more than likely due to her weight and subsequent irregular cycles. “I couldn’t manage to control my weight and my doctor advised me that with some weight loss, I would probably see an improvement in both areas,” says Yolanda. “Knowing the goal was pregnancy, we wanted to make sure I didn’t have a surgery that was going to make it difficult to carry a healthy baby for nine months…the band was perfect! Four months later I was pregnant!”

Although Yolanda did not gain long-term benefits of the LAP-BAND, due to giving birth after the procedure, she achieved the weight loss needed to meet her ultimate goal of getting pregnant: “I did very well my first four months; I lost 60 pounds and was finally able to get pregnant with our third son after trying for two years.  I was able to take advantage of the flexibility of the band and sustain a healthy pregnancy and then change gears to lose the weight after I was done nursing. That enabled me to get pregnant with our fourth son the following year. Then slowly, but surely, my weight hit the 300- pound mark and I could not afford to let time continue to pass without change.”

So when it was time for Yolanda to undergo a revision, she knew there was only one place to go: Dr. Jay. “Originally, I was referred to Dr. Jay by one of my close friends who used him for her LAP-BAND procedure,” says Yolanda. “She was very pleased with his knowledge and demeanor so I made an appointment for a consultation.” Yolanda recalls her initial experience with Dr. Jay and how she felt after learning her insurance company was not willing to provide an authorization to cover the charges for the LAP-BAND:

“I left the office feeling defeated. I immediately called my husband crying and trying to decide what my next options where. He convinced me to return to the office and speak further with the staff. When I went into the office the staff informed me that Dr. Jay was on the phone with my insurance company. I couldn’t believe it! When he heard of the situation he stopped what he was doing, or needed to do, and made the call. Dr. Jay was able to speak with the appropriate person and GET IT DONE!

Thankfully we were back on the road to a surgery date.”

This time around, having completed childbirth, Yolanda was particularly interested in the Gastric Sleeve (“Sleeve Gastrectomy”) procedure – a restrictive laparoscopic bariatric surgery that is normally considered for patients with a BMI of 38+ or if the patient has had a failed previous LAP-BAND surgery. “I had heard from a friend that one of her close friends had recently had the Gastric Sleeve procedure and was having amazing results.” After doing her research on the Sleeve, Yolanda was ready to visit Dr. Jay: “I dragged my husband to the consult with me. I knew the fears he was having about such a permanent procedure would be addressed fully…and they were!”

Yolanda underwent the Sleeve procedure on December 27, 2011. “On the day of my revision, I was down to 286 pounds due to my liquid diet (I started early just in case surgery was available quickly),” she says. “To date, I am at 162 pounds! My initial goal was to get to 143 pounds, so I could say I lost half of myself. I am still working toward my final goals but with more of a focus on toning and shaping my new body versus just achieving a number.”

How does Yolanda feel about her decision to turn to Dr. Jay for help, not once but twice? “I am so thankful I did. When I recommend friends, family, and patients (I am in the medical field), I explain to them that Dr. Jay is more than just a surgeon. He is a man that has a true passion to see people get healthy and improve their quality of life so they can live longer and stronger. His goal is not to just get another surgery under his belt. He works from the foundation needed to create successful results.”

According to Yolanda, Dr. Jay set proper mental and emotional expectations for both the LAP-BAND procedure and the Sleeve, explained her nutritional and exercise requirements, and thoroughly covered both the pre and post-op needs.

“When I am at Dallas Bariatric Center, I can always expect everyone knows what is supposed to happen. There isn’t a disconnection from the front to the back or anywhere in between. Dr. Jay’s staff is caring, knowledgeable and a true extension of himself.”

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