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Patient Spotlight: Tina Goodwin

“I embraced this as the ‘second chapter’ or ‘sequel’…I LOVE MY SLEEVE!” – Tina

Tina Goodwin before and after photoMaking the decision to have weight loss surgery has impacted my life in the most positive and drastic ways,” says Tina, who is based in Rowlett, Texas. “I began contemplating having surgery at age 25, after having a hysterectomy due to uterine and cervical cancer. Unfortunately, from a young child to as long as I could remember, I always battled my weight.”

It was during an annual exam with her doctor when Tina experienced a reality check. “She stated, at the time, that if I continued to carry that amount of weight (279 pounds), I would be a type 2 diabetic before I was 35 years old,” says Tina. “My daughter was also entering middle school that following year and I struggled with the brutal fact that it would not be long before I would be the ‘fat mom’ and that would lead to her feeling embarrassed of me.

With the determination to make a change and with the help of our renowned Dallas bariatric surgeon, Dr. Jay, Tina eventually succeeded her struggle.

“I Was Finally Ready”

Tina chose to move forward with undergoing weight loss surgery as her 30th birthday approached (despite being a little fearful): “I decided I was finally ready and had gained the motivation it required to make a change.”

Tina initially opted to undergo the LAP-BAND procedure in 2009, weighing 279 pounds at 5’2, under the care of a different Dallas doctor she was recommended to (the husband of her OB-GYN). “At that time I felt the lap band was the most minimally invasive and felt comfort in the fact that it was reversible,” says Tina. “My new life began. I was a new person and I learned to love my new tool that led me to make better choices and change my once very unhealthy lifestyle.” But when that surgeon stopped offering bariatric surgery in October 2009, only six months after Tina received had her band surgery, she was left without a doctor. What now?

As it turned out, the idea of turning to Dr. Jay for follow-ups and band adjustments wasn’t far from her mind, as she has been in medical billing for 17 years and often communicated with personnel at Dallas Bariatric Center. Although Tina wishes she had turned to Dr. Jay initially as her bariatric surgeon, she was grateful that he was still an option and would be in great hands.

“Failure Was Not an Option”

“In 2011, after a weight loss of 110 pounds, I started having some minor complications with my band,” says Tina. “My pouch was dilated, my band had slipped and my esophagus was damaged. I could no longer eat proteins or fresh fruits and vegetables.” But these problems were not going to get in the way of Tina giving up. “Failure was not an option,” says Tina, who worked hard to maintain a 120-pound weight loss with the restriction of the band, healthy dietary changes, and a strict exercise regiment of jogging and Bikram (hot) Yoga.

“Then with the help of Dr. Jay and his staff, I was again given another opportunity to further my progress and was converted to the gastric sleeve,” says Tina, who admits that she didn’t consider the gastric sleeve in 2009, because she felt it to be too invasive and “investigational.” But after learning about the procedure and that’s a safe weight loss procedure, she was ready for it. “I embraced this as the ‘second chapter’ or ‘sequel’…I LOVE MY SLEEVE!” says Tina.

“You Feel Like Family”

Today, Tina feels more than prideful in her choices: “I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to go through this journey with so much support from my family members, friends and one of the best surgeons in this specialty,” says Tina. “I am currently at my goal weight of 124 pounds (total weight loss of 155 pounds) and enjoy being active, being able to shop at any store for clothing, not worrying about amusement park ride or airplane seats…but most of all feeling and living healthy.”

The friendliness and warmth from Dr. Jay and the entire Dallas Bariatric Center staff contributed to Tina’s positive experience in undergoing a weight loss procedure for the second time. “It is a comfortable atmosphere,” says Tina, who has also attended Dallas Bariatric Center’s monthly support group meetings. “You are greeted warmly by all that you encounter. The staff makes you feel like family and not a chart or number. Dr. Jay is unlike any other bariatric surgeon due to the simple fact that he cares. He is genuine and wants to follow you on your journey. Also, his office staff is polite and very knowledgeable about the process and what each insurance company will require to make the approval process simple and efficient.”

Tina is happy to recommend Dr. Jay to those interested! Her husband recently consulted with Dr. Jay, as he too may receive the gastric sleeve, and her cousin was “sleeved” by Dr. Jay a few months ago.

When it comes to battling one’s weight, every person’s story is different. But Tina understands the challenge that comes with being overweight: “I pray that every person who struggles with weight issues has the opportunity to find themselves and live this journey the way I have been able to!”

To schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Jay, feel free to contacting Dallas Bariatric Center by calling: (972) 331-1111.

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