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How To Portion Control

Holiday How-To: Portion Control For Those Family Sized Dinners
how to portion control

This time of year can create an environment that revolves around over-eating, indulgence, and opulence in most kitchens. Being equipped with the knowledge to control your portions and eating habits during the holiday season is going to lead to the success of your ultimate weight loss goals.

How to Portion Control for Weight Loss

How to portion control seems like a simple theory. Eat less, and you’ll lose weight, right? It’s not that simple and requires a few things to guarantee that you are eating the right things and in the right portion. Studies over the years have shown that on average, people that practice portion control can lose 5% more body weight than those that do not.

Portion control can mean a lot of different things, but today we are focusing on controlling our holiday specific meals.

Tips for Portion Control during the Holidays

The first tip for portion control is a pretty simple one. If you are starving, you are going to eat more. Not allowing yourself to get to the point of starvation will prevent over-eating and control the sizes that you place on your plates. A healthy amount to eat each day is between 3-5 times and avoiding waiting more than 4 hours between meals.

Taking care of that first step will give you the balance necessary to combat crazy portion sizes, and will leave you feeling satisfied at each meal. On the morning of your holiday event, make sure that you’ve had a balanced breakfast. While cooking, refrain from sampling everything by drinking some lemon water through a straw, or chewing gum.

Plating your Holiday Meal:

  • Half your plate should consist of nutrient-rich veggies and colors. Swap that marshmallow covered sweet potato casserole for some roasted spaghetti squash.
  • Keep your meat intake down to the size of your palm. Ham or turkey without any dressings can be the perfect filler to your holiday plate.
  • One roll or croissant is enough to satisfy those starchy needs.
  • Use a smaller plate to make yourself feel like you are filling your plate and eating it all.
  • Avoid heading back for seconds by drinking a glass of lemon water or green tea before and after your meal. This will keep you full and allow your food to digest.

It may seem silly, but sitting away from the side of the table that the macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and buttery rolls sit on will prevent you from over-extending on your portion sizes. Having your family involved in your goals will also lead to your success, as they can showcase their own portion control. Portion control is not just something for bariatric patients to take notice of; this is a helpful way to control everyone’s intake.

There are many products available online and in stores that can create visuals for portion control, but the trick is becoming confident in knowing exactly what your body can handle. Spending time with your family with the knowledge of how much your body requires and can handle will lead to a stress-free holiday time! Enjoy!

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