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How to Make Sugar Free Desserts

A Holiday How-To For Dessert Lovers
how to make sugar free desserts

This holiday season, there is an abundance of sweet treats in every storefront, restaurant and Grandma’s house around the country. While resisting the urge is half the battle, there are also solutions for satisfying your sweet tooth without breaking your goals. Desserts are a common favorite around the holiday season, and (shocker!) they don’t need to include a ton of sugar!

How to make Sugar Free Desserts That Everyone Will Enjoy

The easiest sugar-free dessert out there is one with limited ingredients. A simple recipe will save you time in the kitchen and prevent the unwanted calories that come along with a single chocolate chip cookie. On average, a cookie clocks in at 11 grams of sugar and 160 calories! For one cookie! Eating one cookie is virtually impossible, making it necessary for sugar-free desserts to be an option at your holiday celebration.

A go-to recipe is one that takes under 5 minutes to prepare, and can set in the fridge while you wrap those last minute gifts. Cottage Cheese Fluff has 3 components and is a crowd pleaser for dessert or even as a sweet afternoon snack.

Low-Fat Snack Recipes

To get your fluff going, you’ll need 3 cups of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 container of sugar-free frozen whipped topping and 2 packages of sugar-free lemon flavored Jell-O mix. Blend your cottage cheese until creamy, whisk in your gelatin powder & fold in the whipped topping. Pop it in the fridge, turn on Michael Buble’s White Christmas and invite someone over to share the joy with!

If you enjoy the tradition of baking all day and spending time in the kitchen, a sugar-free recipe is right up your alley. In this recipe for Carrot, Zucchini & Apple Muffins they have removed the processed white sugar and replaced it with Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. However, if you’d like to guarantee your recipe is a cleaner one, replace that cup of Splenda with an additional cup of applesauce. Your taste buds (and those you cook for!) won’t even know the difference.

low fat snack recipes

If these recipes sound great, but you are thinking, ‘where is the holiday pie?’, we’ve got you covered! Pumpkin Pie is a stable among many homes this holiday season, and while we all want a bite of something that reminds us of tradition, we don’t want the additional calories that go along with it! Yikes – 1 slice of traditional pumpkin pie is 323 calories on average!

In this recipe for Pumpkin Pie they replace sugar with an artificial sweetener, but you all know our trick already. Replace that sweetener with 1/3 cup of applesauce and you’ve cut even more calories! Pro-tip – when looking for a piecrust, choose a whole-grain option to gain some nutty-nutrients.

Creating recipes that wont compromise taste, texture and value around your kitchen table is important. Families come together over meals prepared all day, and showcasing an experience in the kitchen that is healthy and enjoyable is something we cherish at Dallas Bariatric Center. Your goals don’t need to be compromised this holiday season, and your taste buds will surely thank you for the new flavors! Share your recipes online to encourage someone else to try a sugar-free holiday season; you might be starting the newest trend!

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