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How Much Can Weight Loss Surgery Help Me Lose?

Dr. Jay offers several different weight loss surgery options. With each, there is a different amount of average weight loss. The time in which you lose this weight can also vary depending on the procedure.

According to the University of Michigan Adult Bariatric Surgery Program

LAP-BAND® procedures can lead to a loss of 35%-to-45% of your body’s excess weight. In LAP-BAND surgery, Dr. Jay inserts a constrictive band to create two smaller stomachs. As a result, you can expect to feel fuller for longer. Since the lap band is adjustable, your weight loss will be more gradual and less extensive than with other weight loss surgery options.

In a sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Jay permanently reduces the size of your stomach by removing a section that is also responsible for creating sensations of hunger. Sleeve gastrectomy patients may lose around 60% of excess weight following the first year to eighteen months after they have surgery.

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