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How Is a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed?

During a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Jay removes a portion of the patient’s stomach. This reduces the amount of food that the stomach can hold, which allows the patient to feel fuller on less. In addition, the portion that Dr. Jay excises secretes a hormone that stimulates hunger. The two factors combine to help patients eat less and lose weight.

Laparoscopic Approach to Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Dr. Jay performs the vertical sleeve gastrectomy using laparoscopy. While traditional “open” surgery uses one long incision to access the stomach, laparoscopy involves several small incisions called “ports.”

Dr. Jay creates these ports on different points along the abdomen. Then, he uses a special camera and instruments that fit through these entry points. They allow him to see and work in fine detail without having to create a more extensive incision.

Details about the Procedure

A stapling device reforms the stomach into a thin vertical “sleeve” and removes the unwanted portion. Dr. Jay withdraws this piece of the stomach through the ports. Then, he closes and dresses the port sites to promote healthy recovery.

After a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, the patient’s new stomach will hold less than half of a cup of food at one time, or about one-tenth of the original capacity. As a result, Dr. Jay and his team provide extensive instructions to patients before and after their procedure about what to expect in recovery.

Following Surgery

Unlike LAP-BAND, sleeve gastrectomy patients do not require ongoing adjustments to maintain weight loss; however, they will attend several follow-up visits with Dallas Bariatric Center to ensure that they are recuperating properly. This will also give the patient medical guidance to help them eat and drink properly after their procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about vertical sleeve gastrectomy, email or call Dallas Bariatric Center at 972-331-1111 for an appointment.

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