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Diet vs Lifestyle Change

diet vs lifestyle change

Diet VS Lifestyle Change

The new year is notorious for a stream of people declaring that they are ‘on a diet!’. With over 100 million Americans dieting each year, you would think we would be able to lower our 70% obesity rate. In reality, a diet is a short-term event that will not create long-term results.

The Difference Between A Diet & A Lifestyle Change

If you want weight loss results that will be manageable for years to come, it is time to consider a complete lifestyle change rather than a diet. A lifestyle change promotes a healthy timeline for your eating habits to change, your metabolism to reboot and your fitness to increase. The reason that most diets do not work is that when you return to your pre-diet lifestyle, the ability to maintain your weight loss diminishes, and in some cases you gain back more than you had lost. Which completely voids the idea of a diet.

Taking on a lifestyle change creates new guidelines for your daily food intake, your activity levels and the ability to stay strong over an extended period of time. When doing a complete overhaul to benefit your body and mind, it is important to incorporate changes that are realistic and achievable within your current lifestyle.

If you have a demanding job that requires the majority of your attention, tackling a lifestyle change that involves 6 meals a day and 3-hour gym sessions is not going to be feasible for you to achieve results. Creating opportunities around your current schedule can be as simple as you make it, and understanding what you are capable of is key.

Small Changes Are Key

Implementing new, small changes into your everyday lifestyle is the key to making these changes a habit. A habit can be formed in 3 weeks if consistently followed and worked on. When you focus on making a daily change, you allow yourself time to get used to the change. Waking up 15 minutes earlier to have breakfast is a great place to start when making lifestyle changes. Parking at the back of the parking lot at
work and skipping the elevators are options that kick starts your fitness levels. Heading to the gym two nights a week starts the routine that can ultimately change your entire lifestyle.

Having a lifestyle change is something that takes time, requires daily effort and works best if you share your changes with your family and friends. When you decide to ‘diet’ you might be missing the true components for healthy weight loss. Cutting your calorie intake and choosing low-fat options at meal times are great lifestyle changes that don’t require you to give up whole food groups. Moderation of carbs
and sugars is a better lifestyle decision to make than completely giving up these two items cold turkey.

Temporary weight loss may seem like the quick fix that will give you immediate satisfaction and results. Ultimately, this temporary weight loss is not going to translate to a complete lifestyle change that will maintain a healthy weight and fitness regimen.

Lifestyle Change with Surgical Weight loss Procedures

If you are looking to make a healthy change in 2017, consider speaking to your healthcare professional. Or consult with Dallas Bariatric Center in North Dallas to understand how to overhaul your lifestyle with options like Lap-Band and Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Surgical weight loss procedures can give you the jump start you need to become a new, healthier you.

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