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Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Your recovery experience following LAP-BAND ®, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass surgery is just as important as the procedure itself. Dr. Jay takes the time to explain to patients what to expect following surgery so that they can recuperate as comfortably and speedily as possible.

The Approach and Type of Procedure Influences Recovery

Dr. Jay typically employs laparoscopy for his surgeries. This creates smaller and fewer incisions and has a lower impact on the body than other techniques. As a result, patients should have less discomfort following their procedure.

With a LAP-BAND, Dr. Jay inserts an adjustable ring around the upper stomach. This artificially creates two pouches that slow the digestion of food and that help you feel fuller for longer. However, the stomach itself isn’t incised. For this reason, recovery from LAP-BAND tends to be quicker than more involved surgeries. Patients usually leave the hospital the same day they have surgery and can usually take part in normal activities within two or three days

Unlike LAP-BAND, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass involve cutting and manipulating the stomach. In sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Jay removes a portion of the organ, shrinking its size and removing some of the hormones that cause hunger pangs.

After Bariatric Surgery | Dallas, TX

No matter the procedure you have—LAP-BAND or sleeve gastrectomy you can expect that Dr. Jay will make certain recommendations as your doctor.

First, your diet will likely need to change after weight loss surgery. Immediately following your procedure, your solid food intake will be restricted, and you will need to regulate the amount you eat.

There will also be long-term dietary changes. Since your body will be used to absorbing more calories than it will be capable of taking in, you may need to add supplements and vitamins to your diet.

An often-overlooked part of recovery is exercise. Dr. Jay and his staff will recommend steps you can take to develop a stronger, healthier body. Similarly, they can connect patients to support communities for weight loss. These groups can be important for morale and for making the adjustment to a new lifestyle after the physical recovery is complete.

If you are considering LAP-BAND, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass surgery, email or call Dallas Bariatric Center at 972-331-1111.

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