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About LAP-BAND Adjustment

Part of the reason that Dr. Jay recommends LAP-BAND ® as a surgical option is that it provides gradual and predictable weight loss that can be altered to the patient’s needs over time. Dr. Jay performs these adjustments at Dallas Bariatric Center using state-of-the-art equipment in just a few minutes.

How Is a LAP-BAND Adjusted?

The LAP-BAND is actually made up of several components that make it easier for doctors to adjust:

  • The Omni Form is the portion that wraps around the stomach. It uses individual pillows that can inflate and deflate based on the patient’s needs. The more inflated the pillows, the more the band restricts and the fuller your stomach feels.
  • A silicone tube runs from the Omni Form to an area of your body just below the skin. The tube is stable, soft, durable, and unnoticeable.
  • A LAP-BAND access port connects with the tube and is attached securely below your skin. Dr. Jay makes adjustments by adding or removing saline through this port. The process is fast and involves minimal discomfort.

How Often Do I Require LAP-BAND Adjustments?

Every patient’s response to LAP-BAND surgery is different. Typically, you can expect to lose one-to-three pounds each week. How you lose weight will determine how restrictive your LAP-BAND needs to be and how soon it requires an adjustment.

The number of adjustments will also vary; some people only need one while other patients have multiple adjustments in the first year. Typically, Dr. Jay will wait four to six weeks until the patient is well recovered from the initial procedure before making an adjustment.

What Is the Benefit of Gradual Adjustments?

Drastic and rapid weight loss is sometimes necessary for obese patients facing an immediate health threat. However, losing a lot of weight through sleeve gastrectomy can cause other aesthetic concerns, such as loose skin that may later require a cosmetic surgeon to remove.

The gradual and predictable weight loss that a LAP-BAND offers means that patients are less likely to require skin excision. They also can adjust to their weight loss more gradually: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Learn more about what to expect with LAP-BAND weight loss. Email or call Dallas Bariatric Center at 972-331-1111.

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