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Additional Procedures


Gastric Plication also known as iBand or Reversible Sleeve

A less invasive and relatively new procedure, this surgery is performed by folding and stitching a majority of the stomach into a narrow tube.

Abdominal and stomach incisions are very small, therefore recovery time is greatly expedited.

To learn more, we encourage you to meet with us for a consultation.


Revisional Surgery

As with any operation, a small number of patients may experience complications or may not achieve their weight loss goals. Obesity is not easy to treat, and problems may include weight recidivism, intractable gastric reflux, gastrojejunal strictures, fistulas or malnutrition. In these cases, revisional surgery may be the right option.

Revisional surgery may also be a strong consideration if patients have previously undergone an older bariatric procedure that is no longer considered optimum for achieving results.

However, it is important to mention again that successful weight loss through bariatric surgery requires patients to meticulously follow a new diet and exercise regiment. Support groups are extremely helpful, and it may be necessary to consult with a psychologist to manage the emotional aspect of the post-surgery process.

Due to the specialization and complication involved in bariatric surgery, our doctors are careful to explore all options to help minimize risks and further complications. However, though uncommon, revisional surgery can be performed if determined necessary, and it has the benefit of a high success rate.

To learn more about possible conditions and to discuss other concerns you may have, we encourage you to talk to our doctors.


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