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Dallas Weight Loss Surgery

About LAP BAND and Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Options

Losing weight can be very difficult for some people. Genetic dispositions combined with medical problems that have developed due to obesity create obstacles that are challenging to overcome. Dieting and exercise can have some effect, but they do not always provide lasting effects, and their impact may be limited.

If you have been faced with these challenges yourself, you may be a candidate for Dallas weight loss surgery. There are several options for medical intervention, including LAP BAND, an advanced technique that offers benefits to patients over some other surgical procedures. Dallas weight loss surgery patients at our center will receive a thorough overview of all of their options, including LAP BAND, during their initial consultation.

What is LAP BAND?

LAP BAND is an abbreviation for “Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band”. Laparoscopic procedures like LAP BAND use specialized tools so that surgeries take place through small incisions (usually 0.5–1.5 cm) instead of the larger incisions needed in laparotomy.

During the procedure, a physician inserts an adjustable ring around the upper portion of the patient’s stomach. This creates two pouches: a small pouch where food is held initially and a larger pouch below, which digests food. The surgeon tightens the band by inserting saline. Because the stomach is restricted, a patient feels full sooner when he or she is eating and keeps that feeling of fullness for longer. After patients in Dallas have weight loss surgery, they will need to return to the doctor periodically to tighten the band in order to maintain the two pouches.

What are the advantages of LAP BAND?

For many patients in Dallas, LAP BAND surgery is the most advantageous bariatric procedure because it is…

  • Reversible. Should a patient require the band to be removed, a physician can take it out, and the patient’s stomach will return to its normal shape.
  • Less invasive. LAP BAND surgery only calls for small incisions, and the surgeon does not need to cut or staple parts of the stomach and intestines as in other procedures. As a result, patients heal faster and with less pain.
  • A personalized approach to weight loss. A LAP BAND can be customized to meet the weight loss needs of a patient. As a result, weight loss is both gradual and consistent, which gives the patient’s body time to adjust to the changes that are taking place. This can also help patients avoid the need for plastic surgery due to loose skin.

At the Dallas Bariatric Center, Dr. Nirmal Jayaseelan (“Dr. Jay”) helps clients evaluate their options and determine the procedure that makes sense for their medical situation. Dr. Jay is one of the nation’s foremost experts in LAP BAND surgery as well as an experienced practitioner of sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery. We invite you to contact his offices to learn more about working together.

Email or call Dallas Bariatric Center, a leader in Dallas weight loss surgery, at 972-331-1111.